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Going to only have original work featured on this blog from now on.

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Fake Basquiat #1

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I couldn’t sleep last night so I decided to just start randomly drawing which helps me relax.

I used to enjoy drawing all day long when I was little, but now I find myself scared to pick up a pen if it’s not amazing. What a stupid adult way of thinking. Trying to get back to find the intrinsic value of just making art. Good or bad doesn’t exist. It either IS or ISN’T. Ha.

So here is a first in a series of drawings inspired by some of my favorite artists. This one is obviously a fake Basquiat. Enjoy!

Thing Pit

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I want to see this in IMAX 3D.

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a red wheel barrow

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so much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white


– William Carlos Williams

The Beginning

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There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.  – Louis L’Amour

And so the first month of the new year comes near its end, but for the first time in many years I’m actually feeling something new. New because I’m starting to grow tired of old habits and old loves and old pleasures and old routines. Things that I once looked forward to, I now look past them.


* People who sit across from each other at restaurants but just look at their cellphones the entire time and barely speak to each other. – I see this situation quite often and it depresses me. I see people who are obviously co-workers on a lunch break with nothing to talk about outside of work, but instead of eating alone they sit across from someone and shove food into their hot dirty mouths while staring into their cellphones. OR lovers where the passion has gone cold and they can’t engage or relate anymore. People are sad.

* The best way for a lot of the smug self-righteous animal loving vegan environmentalists to cut back carbon emmisions completely is to kill themselves.

* Girls who are 9’s are a lot more friendly than girls who are 5’s who act like 10’s.

* During P.E. in middle school we once played trust games where you had to team up with a partner and while one kid closed his eyes and leaned back, another kid had to catch them from falling to the ground. There was a Bully in class and when it was his turn to close his eyes and fall back, I ran over to his partner and pushed him out of the way so the Bully fell back and cracked his head on the ground. It was hilarious.

* Frog eyes popping out of the surface of a dark pond.

* Remember when you’re pockets were full of water and sand?


She danced around the garden barefoot on the soft bending grass. The air was perfect and the trees whispered down the valley and along the river. I sat up and opened my eyes. I felt her warmth cover me like a hot towel. She traced the outline of my eyes with her finger.

Sand blew across the hills and her neck down to her legs like sex and like landscapes.

Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty For Me

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TED: A Single Story

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Woody Allen Interview 1971 – Part 1

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Hilarious. Best interview ever.


Francis Ford Coppola on Howard Stern Part 1

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Part One

Great interview! Howard asks the best questions and Coppola is totally game. Yep.

(thanks seb!)

WHITE RIBBON by Michael Haneke

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Best living director.

Sights Sounds Silence

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Just returned from a trip to Lodz, Poland for the Plus Cameraimage Film Festival. It was an … interesting experience. The above photo is the lovely view from my hotel window. (Side note, this is the town where David Lynch filmed a lot of INLAND EMPIRE. Movie makes perfect sense to me now.)

Now for some unrelated jetlagged/sleepless thoughts…

• A tow truck towing a tow truck.

• Drinking, smoking, television, shit food. People would rather have an illusion of control and be unhealthy, than accept fact and be subservient.

• Your family (Parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, nieces, nephews, etc.) VS. Your family (wife, husband, children, pets)

• An old-fashioned roadside diner. Five girls dressed in uniforms eat pancakes while their teacher talks to them about losing her virginity while on a Missionary trip to South America. She is 21.

• The Myth of Horatio Alger.

• “I just want to mee a nice girl that hasn’t been molested!” – Anonymous

• The most scared and fearful also have the most faith in God.

• A woman in a Burka with Christian Louboutin heels holding a Blackberry Curve® and wearing a swine flu mask.

• A court in Bologna banned a film summing up the reasons as: Obscene content offensive to public decency… presented with obsessive self-indulgence, catering to the lowest instincts of the libido, dominated by the idea of stirring unchecked appetites for sexual pleasure, permeated by scurrilous language… accompanied off screen by sounds, sighs, and shrieks of climax pleasure. (sounds like an amazing review to me!)

• People who work out VS. people who are strong.

• Sexual currency.

• Television and advertising as oppression. You are watching not shows with commercial breaks, but commercial interrupted by shows.

1 Medium sized chopped Onion
1 Small sized chopped Tomato
2 Chopped Green chili
1/2 tsp Garam Masala Powder
1/2 tsp Cumin Seed powder
1 tsp Olive Oil
Pinch of Curry Powder
Salt to taste

• And so she rested her head in my lap and fell into a deep sleep instantly. She dreamed of islands floating upside down in the ocean. Tree roots sticking out of the dirt and bedrock like skeleton hands.

Her boat was fast and had only a small red sail. The wind was warm as it carried us to the shore.

“I miss this place and feeling this way” she whispered

My feet blended perfectly with the smooth soft sand. I traced snakes with my toe and watched the water swallow up my lines.


Baby’s on fire

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This guy Charles Mehling does the best fashion promos.

La Piscine, Serge, and Whitney

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Charlotte Gainsbourg “Heaven can wait”

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Weird. Especially Beck’s face. Is he on drugs?

The Ultimate Warrior on talk shows

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The Carter

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Directed by Adam Bhala Lough

Flaming Lips “Watching The Planets”

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Lips getting weird and hippied out. Neat.

Watch here:

Major Lazer “Pon de floor”

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Directed by Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric

Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

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Gaga has the craziest videos right now

Bert and Ernie go brutal

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