As you like it (June 30th)

Posted in Uncategorized by peterchunmaowu on July 8, 2008

1. SUNDAY. A fairly kept homeless woman walks into starbucks™. she quickly reaches in the trashcan and pulls out a half-eaten muffin and a coffee cup. I’m the only one that notices this. Then she kindly asks for a refill for which she is granted one (for free).

Moments later she finishes her free coffee and half-eaten garbage can muffin. She looks around and instead of throwing it into the trash(where she found it in the first place), when no one is looking (except for me again. fascinated) She throws her twice used trash into the front basket of a bicycle. My bicycle.

You see, she probably doesn’t throw things in the trash because trash cans are like her cupboard, her pantry, her room-temperature refrigerator.

2. MONDAY. A incredibly obese woman with her two obese friends sitting in small uncomfortable theater seats. Her thighs spilling over into my seat. Our legs uncomfortably warm rubbed up against each other. We are watching the new Disney/Pixar film, “Wall-e”.

Halfway through the film she slightly jiggles around in her seat. Obviously uncomfortable. The popcorn chewing grows quiet. (For those who’ve seen the film, you probably know the reason for her unease)

It was a wonderful film.


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