Posted in Uncategorized by peterchunmaowu on January 23, 2009

And so the insanity continues. Marvelous repitition again and again blind faith different restaurants but ordering the same meal. Everything changes and everything remains the same.

She broke into my car while I was sleeping and took nothing of value. She just sat inside staring at the passing lights. It was colder inside than out. A blanket wrapped around her legs. The windows fogged up.

7am. The garbage trucks with their primal mechanical grinding disturbed her dreams. She imagined tall mammoths larger than a redwood towering over her. Red smoke billowing out of its ears. White eyes.

It was a truely bone-chilling sight.

She woke up in the car covered in sweat. Nobody was around. The street was quiet. She let herself out, locked the door, and walked away alone on the street.

Repitition. Repitition. You need to repeat to learn. But too much and you walk in circles.

I need to break out of this oblong shape I’ve created. Her eyes her lips calling me to come back to the cyclical vortex. No more, not again. Not soon. Not never.

I reached into my pocket and grabbed a handful of seawater. Not never.


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