Don’t eat the marshmellow yet!

Posted in Neat Video by peterchunmaowu on July 28, 2009

This experiement is very symbolic and very profound for me. I used to think discipline was a form of oppression, that a person should be allowed to do whatever they want when they want, and that is the meaning of true freedom. Now I believe I was wrong. Because there is too much stimuli and polluted messages floating around in the world, from people repeating things they’ve seen/read/heard, or from the media manipulation, the distored habits of tradition, to all sorts of other subconcious white noise out there. True freedom is the ability to control oneself. Self-discipline is the most powerful force in the universe.

I was that kid who would just eat the marshmellow immediately. Why have two, when I’m perfectly happy with just one. Not anymore. I don’t just want the second marshmellow, I want the whole bag. I want the factory motherfucker! By the way, how are marshmellows made?


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